No Dice

Painted Pinups hosted a photo shoot with No Dice.
Great guys to work with.

Painted Pinups

Painted Pinups
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A recent photo shoot for Painted Pinups.

Digital artist Kirt Petty and Photographer Chad Scott have teamed up to provided these unique 40’s era artwork pieces. I was fortunate enough tag along on a few of their shoots recently.
Great girls, excellent posing, lots of fun.
Check out their site or their myspace account to see more.

They are a blast to work with.

Sinnister Heels and Painted Pinups

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I got the opportunity to shoot with in Amboy, Ca. off historic Route 66.
A collaborative effort with Painted Pinups and Sinister heels the shoot involved the Sinnister Girls wearing original industrial art high heels designed by Ted Wilson, owner of
An amazing ghost town once offered up for auction on eBay is now owned by Albert Okura, who also owns the Juan Pollo fast-food chain.
Much of the shoot was in the famous Roys Diner now a museum of sorts and the motel rooms made infamous in many movies. Amboy was a popular tourist attraction along Route 66 now it is a popular movie and photo shoot set.
Oddly enough we got the chance to meet several of the 3 bus loads of German tourists who happened on our shoot. I believe they took more photos of the girls then I did.
The girls did an awesome job despite the 108 degree weather (reeked havoc on the batteries.) They are true professionals.