Santa is Coming to Town

Knotts Berry Farm recently held the latest meeting of the FORBS (First Order of Real Bearded Santas) group at the newly opened Pinks Hot Dog stand. 15 Santas posed for me to take a group shot in front of Pinks. As you can see, it was a blast to work with the best looking group of Santas I have ever seen.

Some Red Carpet at the Downtown LA Film Festival

Seymour Cassel is awarded Hollywood Reporters Lifetime Achievement Award at this screening of the award winning movie “Reach for Me.”
From the DFFLA Website:

“Alvin (Seymour Cassel) is an embittered man confined to the Valley Meadow Hospice who unexpectedly discovers the joys of life and its many intricacies. Ready to pass away after a disappointing life, he is interrupted by the vivacious young man named Kevin (Johnny Whitworth), a new patient and roommate who loves to live life to the fullest. Kevin and his girlfriend Sarah (Lacey Chabert) do their best to make Alvin’s life meaningful in his last few days and even get him to fall in love for the first time with Valerie (Adrienne Barbeau). Setting all the wheels in motion for the intersecting relationships is head nurse Evelyn (Alfre Woodard).”

With a fantastic view, Social Vibe‘s DJ 247 DLO provided the sounds at the Centerpiece Gala at the stunning AT&T Center Penthouse 34 stories up. Click  HERE for the whole gallery.

Latin Fusion at The Vanguard -Hollywood

Hosted by Social Vibe, Rigo Luna had a stellar performance at the Vanguard, the hottest night spot on Hollywood Blvd. Performing live on stage Sami Cultura featuring the World Video Premier of “Bailando” Also performances by Solares & Diamond Flow.

DJ’s for the night:
DJ DoughBoy, DJ Michael Spinz, Cache, Jordan Strong & Mitry

The Vanguard
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4th of July, 2009

I love a good fireworks show. I prep the camera while one assistant checks the skies and then helps the other test the equipment.
Fireworks are a ton of fun to photograph. It is difficult to not get a great shot.
This particular event was held at Wilson Park in Torrance, CA. Lots of great food, vendors, music and people.

Hi Speed Balloon Pop

Hi Speed Balloon Pop
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Again, I find myself dreaming of high speed stuff to pop and bang about. I particularly enjoyed popping this balloon with a little bit of water in it. Stay tuned, I have on order some calcium carbide. When it reacts with water it produces acetylene gas and will add a little fire to the project.

Coke Smash

Coke Smash
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High Speed Photography satisfies many urges. The obvious one -photography and the more subtle -blowing things up. I built a sound trigger that when activated by a loud sound a flash will illuminate. Now my dreams are full of what to smash next.
If you are interested the sound trigger plans can be purchased on I highly recommend getting the delay too.

Jamie Jo Gallegos MUA & Hairstylist

Make up artist and Hairstylist Jamie Jo and a few models are what you will find here:

It was a great pleasure to work with natural talent. Hardly do I get to work with so many at once.

Jamie is a Southern California make up artist and Hairstylist. These headshots are for her soon to be published website. Check back here for more info.

OC Helicopter Shoot

Helicopter shooting is by far one of the most entertaining types of photography. Nothing like Aerial Photography to get the blood pumping.

I really enjoyed it when the pilot rolls to the side and there is nothing between you and the 500 foot drop except the seat belt that my buddy pointed out to me earlier reminds him of the belts in his old VW. The doors were off and the view was awesome.


All the way from West Virginia, DeAnna and Rick are touring the west coast photographers.
Deanna is great to work with. At the end I could not believe how many shots I ended up with.
This was a shoot for Painted Pinups, a local artists who will turn these shots into their own little works of art.

Maria Ruvalcaba

Maria Ruvalcaba in Downtown Los Angeles. What a great person to work with. Seeing how we put her under a bridge and had her dodge what seemed to be a disproportionate amount of strewn underwear. Also, an uneventful wardrobe malfunction on the photogs part leads me to add “extra pair of Jeans” to my standard back up list.
Can’t wait for the next Shoot.
See Maria’s other work.